Love is a battle field, baby

I carry your ♥.
I carry it in my ♥.

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I haven’t been posting here in a while, so my time is going reaaally fast. I love how I keep thinking about my new soulmate, I love how I wait every single fucking day to meet him. BTW, i did very well this semester, I got the chance to go on the secondment in Poland ;) yay.

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fuck u all stupid cunts

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted here. So everything’s going fine, I guess. I’m back to my small lovely town for a holiday, but I don’t really feel happy here. I want to go back. Everybody’s here is so nervous. I’m not used to live in a mess now. I kinda lost interest about my boyfriend. I kinda try to avoid meeting him. It lasts for 3 months… He’s a good man and stuff but I don’t feel anything when I’m with him. I want him to be happy, but making him happy makes ME sad and liar. Because I act. JFC, what to do?

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Life is a fuckin’ battlefield, but I’m not goning to give up.

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I haven’t been posting here in a while. I have got shit loads of stuff to do, starting with my duties in border guard school, then some problems i got into and stuff. I hope everything is going to be fine, and I’m not gonna make the same mistakes again.

And I pray for god, some people are going to rot in this world (not in hell, it’s too lame).

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Tryin’  tell you no, but my body keep on telling me yes.

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